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Bupa does not accept any responsibility or liability for losses arising as a result of any delay, if the test result is not provided to you within your required timescale as may be set by you or any third party. If you are ordering the COVID-19 PCR test for a child under 16, by continuing to order the test you are confirming you are the child’s legal guardian and/or otherwise have legal authority to agree to the use of the test and to receive test results on their behalf.

If you are ordering the test for someone who cannot consent to having the COVID-19 test, by continuing to order you are confirming that you have a legal right to consent on behalf of this person.

The Privacy Notice for Bupa and Everything Genetic explains how each organisation uses your personal data. We want to help you understand how we work with your data, including our legal requirements to disclose this data to the Government or Public Health England (or equivalent agencies in any relevant jurisdiction in the UK where the testing services are provided and/or where recipient(s) of the services are located), so that you can make informed choices and be in control of your information. We invite you to spend a few moments understanding this information.

We may update the policies from time to time and you should check: for updates.